Download YEW reports covering topics including tree identification and mapping, coarse woody material assessment, soil sampling and testing, land cover mapping, bird habitat investigation, and site hydrology and groundwater monitoring.

YEW Reports

Yale Swale Assessment

2014 YEW Assessment

Uma Bhandaram, David Jaeckel, and Catherine Kuhn


Research conducted in 2013-­2014 focuses on site hydrology and instrumentation, soil testing, data management, avian habitat, and public outreach. This report provides both the methodology and results as well as recommendations for future research opportunities.

Yale Swale Assessment

2013 YEW Assessment

Ambika Khadka and Avishesh Neupane


Following up on the recommendations of the 2012 report, important hydrological and soil parameters along with coarse woody debris were studied for baseline data collection.

Yale Swale Assessment

2012 YEW Assessment

Stephen Brooks and Ryan Sarsfield


Report from fieldwork that took place during the summer of 2012 to characterize the site and provide baseline vegetation data in anticipation of future management and research. This report includes an assessment of all trees in the YEW over 4 inches at diameter at breast height (dbh).

Class Projects

diagram of green infrastructure

Creating a Green Infrastructure Pilot Program for Yale University

Uma Bhandaram, Caitlin Feehan, Dave Jaeckel