Yesenia Gallardo

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Yesenia Gallardo

Yesenia Gallardo
The organic sector, however, must be willing to further investigate these possibilities in order to approach Latino households in a manner that appeals to them on their own terms. If they can do so, organics growers and retailers would benefit from a new and growing sector that currently seems poised to embrace them.

2014 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Urban Agriculture

Faculty Advisor: Gordon Geballe

Latino perceptions: A Portland, Oregon study on how Latina women conceptualize alternative foods

This qualitative study investigates how Latina women perceive organic foods and what values they associate with organic foods. A clearer understanding of how organic foods are perceived may help answer bigger questions of what drives consumption, as well as how to approach organic education and outreach. Semi-­‐structured interviews were conducted in the Glenfair neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Key findings indicate that organic foods are perceived positively, though there is skepticism and mistrust around the organic label and questioning of the “betterness” of organic foods. Potential for education and outreach through Hispanic goods stores and other areas are examined.