Olivia Carpenter

Olivia Carpenter

kids in park
The current usage of and conditions in Farnham Park are not optimal. The park cultivates a strong sense of place amongst the community. Efforts to rehabilitate the park could be effectively undertaken by the mobilization and empowerment of the community-based social system

2002 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Land Use Planning and Management

Faculty Advisor: William Burch

Rainbows in the Puddles: A Covenant of Hope in Manifest Neglect

Since children are the most frequent users of the park space, I conducted an investigation with three goals surrounding youth engagement. First, I wanted to determine how engaging youth in environmental education and park rehabilitation would lead to changes in their sense of place. Second, I wanted to determine how said action resulted in an increased sense of community ownership and civic responsibility. Third, I wanted to determine the impact of youth mobilization and community service on decisions made by those who control larger decisions on the political and social landscapes.