Javier González-Campaña

Javier González-Campaña

Javier González-Campaña
Thirty feet below you struggles old New York, now more like new Paris than ever, and ever more a mix of memory and invention: remade and reinvented by its old-new High Line.

2002 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Design and the Built Environment

Faculty Advisor: Diana Balmori

Bradford Gentry

From Promenade Plantée to the New York High Line

A recently completed promenade that sweeps over Paris from the Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes reveals the potential for New York’s proposed High Line. Paris challenged the urban designers of the entire world with the creation of this promenade, which has helped to reclaim the glow that Paris once had as “the city of the lights.” Soon the High Line will offer New York City a similar chance -particularly if we learn from Paris’s new high promenade.