Haley Gilbert

Haley Gilbert

East Rock Park
If the site is successful, perhaps then other communities will also embark on interactive community and ecosystem mapping projects.

2008 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Socio-cultural and Ecological Interactions

Faculty Advisor: William Burch

East Rock Park: Inside and Out—Translating Paper into Product

East Rock Park: Inside and Out is an interactive web based project empowering local communities to map how they use a local park – East Rock Park. The website was created to explore emerging community mapping technologies and uses like neogeography. Since the introduction of geobrowsers, like Google Maps, the layperson has been empowered to create and share spatial information over the internet with ease. Can community groups or neighbors ban together to apply these technologies to map their communities and local ecosystems? This paper examines community mapping trends, the technologies associated with neogeography and details the process of creating the Inside and Out website.