Ali Senauer

Ali Senauer

kids running
As a result of this project, I discovered that using GPS technology is feasible and ultimately useful towards my interest in better understanding children’s interactions with their outdoor physical environment in urban areas.

2007 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Environment and Public Health

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Kellert

Urban Habitat and Health: Understanding Children's Exposure to their Outdoor Physical Environment in Urban Areas

Northern spotted owls require old-growth forest; salmon require freshwater habitat with cool, clean water, woody debris, and appropriate water depth; and an endangered European butterfly requires heterogeneous early successional stages of deciduous woods, but what kind of habitat do children need? Or does the structure of their habitat matter (Noon & McKelvey, 1996; Shared Strategy for Puget Sound, 2005; Freese et al., 2006)? To provide insight into this critical question, I evaluated the use of a novel method, based on global positioning system technology, to better understand children’s interactions with their outdoor environments in urban areas.