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Hixon Student Fellowship Applications for 2022-2023

Hixon Student Fellowships - Applications due March 2023

Grant funding ($7,500 max each) will be awarded competitively to Yale School of the Environment students interested in conducting research that bridges science to practice. The Hixon Center aims to link science to applications that can inform and improve management practices and decision-making that improve the sustainability of urban areas. Thus, fellowship proposals should emphasize the focus of this nexus with a significant portion of fellowship devoted to achieving this goal. 

Applicants can apply to one of two opportunities.  Four Fellowships will be awarded in each funding pool. One cohort is specifically allocated to support urban forestry related research.  The second cohort is open-ended to fund urban research which applicants identify as a priority urban issue. 

Urban Research Cohort: Research topics for this pool are unrestricted with the caveat that applicants make a compelling proposal of research that will provide scientific evidence and guidance to manage cities more sustainably.

Urban Forestry Cohort: This pool is specifically for applied research projects that provide practitioners actionable management outcomes. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Research-based management strategies for urban forestry to mitigate UHI

  • Engineering approaches to maximize green infrastructure solutions to alleviate stormwater runoff 

  • Governance mechanisms to maximize inclusive approaches to urban forestry management to address environmental injustices

  • Planning strategies to manage street trees and multi-modal transit needs for health and safety

Possible Faculty Advisors for the Urban Forestry Cohort include: Dr. Karen Seto, Dr. Sara Kuebbing, Dr. Mark Ashton, Dr. Mark Bradford, Dr. Amity Doolittle, Dr. Morgan Grove, Dr. Kevin Krizek, Dr. Danica Doroski, Dr. Steward Pickett, and Dr. Clara Pregitzer.

Funds for Hixon Fellowships are intended to support full-time summer research endeavors.

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