Vision: The Hixon Center bridges scientific knowledge with practice to create vibrant, healthy, and equitable cities.

Mission: The Mission of the Hixon Center is to:

  • Integrate, synthesize & apply scientific and environmental knowledge to foster sustainable cities including solving pressing 21st century problems such as the UHI, flooding and inequities
  • Educate the public and train students and future leaders with deep knowledge of urban environments.

We pursue our mission by providing interdisciplinary research, teaching, outreach, and collaboration opportunities for students, scholars, practitioners, and community members, including:

  • Convene workshops, conferences, and seminars to disseminate research findings
  • Collaborate and equip practitioners with tools they need to improve policy and management toward more sustainable cities
  • Disseminate research findings and case studies to serve practitioners and the public
  • Support graduate student research.

Annual Hixon Center Urban Conference  

Hixon Center Urban Conference