Vision: The Hixon Center bridges scientific knowledge with practice to create vibrant, healthy, and equitable cities.

Mission: The Mission of the Hixon Center is to:

  • Integrate, synthesize, and apply urban scientific knowledge to inform policy and management and foster sustainable cities
  • Catalyze and disseminate fundamental knowledge to create vibrant urban environments
  • Train and empower students to be future leaders with deep knowledge of urban environments
  • Educate the broader public on urban sustainability issues

We pursue our mission by providing interdisciplinary research, teaching, outreach, and collaboration opportunities for students, scholars, practitioners, and community members, including:

  • Convene workshops, conferences, and seminars to disseminate research findings
  • Communicate research findings and case studies through multi-media platforms to serve practitioners and the public
  • Support graduate student research

Annual Hixon Center Urban Conference  

Annual Hixon Center Urban Conference