Will Klein

Will Klein

Without an excuse to be somewhere, people are not going to go there. Three themes emerged as common excuses for people to be somewhere: 1) gain utility from the activity, 2) there was an activity to do, and 3) sought a sense of awe.

2016 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Socio-cultural and Ecological Interactions

Faculty Advisor: Michael Dove

The Nature of Nature: Do perceptions of nature vary among neighborhoods in Baltimore? If so, how?

The goal of this paper is to provide a framework to help people like myself understand how working class urban residents both perceive, navigate, and leave their urban space around them. The paper is broken into five variations on a theme of this, each section asking a new version of this question in a way that builds on the understanding from other sections. The paper does not yet seek to offer implications for decision making and policy, that will come later.