Kristin Pene

Kristin Pene

In the quest to promote green roofs, the reasons for which the technology is valued should not be overlooked or forgotten

2010 Urban Fellow

Research Topic: Design and the Built Environment

Faculty Advisor: John Wargo

Greening Main Street: Integrating Extensive Vegetated Roofs and Economic Revitalization in Washington, D.C.

This report, inspired by the work of a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. that seeks to promote social revitalization through environmental restoration, offers recommendations for the development of green roof subsidy and promotional programs targeting Washington D.C.’s underserved communities. Results from sewer system modeling, academic studies on green roof performance, and thermal satellite imaging were used to identify areas of the District that would benefit most from the stormwater and cooling benefits green roofs provide. Lessons learned from first-hand involvement in past green roof subsidy and promotional programs comprise the basis for recommendations on how future programs can be structured to more effectively serve underprivileged communities. While the recommendations are specifically intended to give rise to programs that will more strategically maximize the environmental and socioeconomic benefits of green roofs in Washington, D.C., many of the findings could have implications for organizations working towards similar goals in other locations.